Religion and science

On the complicated and misunderstood interaction of religion and science throughout history.
Joshua Commands the Sun to Stand Still by Gustave Dore

The Day(s) the Earth Stood Still

The 2008 version of The Day the Earth Stood Still is a flawed but still worthwhile movie, addressing technology and humanity, but also the nature of remakes.
9 min read
C.S. Lewis and The Discarded Image, his last book.

Reading C.S. Lewis's Academic Books #1: The Discarded Image

A review of C.S. Lewis's The Discarded Image, his last book and a tour de force on medieval literature, psychology, and philosophy of science.
13 min read
Historian of science Ronald L. Numbers

Remembering Ronald Numbers (1942-2023), Historian of Science

The late historian Ronald Numbers was a great exemple of intellectual seriousness and deep compassion. We can all learn from him.
11 min read
A crashed pilot or astronaut walking through a forest. Humanity and nature, technology and earth interact.

Has Science Fiction Ever Been Modern?

How modern is sci-fi, anway? Its Golden Age featured narratives of ascent and decline, the binary of Foundation or A Canticle for Leibowitz. But modernity is more complicated than either progress or regress.
15 min read
Kanamit from Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man"

To Serve Man: The Relationship of Humanity to Technology

An explanation for this site. We can neither embrace technology uncritically, nor renounce it totally.
18 min read