Science fiction (or sci-fi) often lauds itself as the "literature of ideas"--but how accurate is that? Reviews and analysis of sci-fi feature here regularly.
Joshua Commands the Sun to Stand Still by Gustave Dore

The Day(s) the Earth Stood Still

The 2008 version of The Day the Earth Stood Still is a flawed but still worthwhile movie, addressing technology and humanity, but also the nature of remakes.
9 min read
An AI generated image of hands, poorly drawn and badly proportioned

We Weren't Prepared for How Stupid the AI Struggle Would Be

Science fiction depicted the rise of AI as thrilling, existentially complex, and philosophically rich. The real world crisis is a lot dumber.
12 min read
The Sincerity of Videogame Storytelling

The Sincerity of Videogame Storytelling

Games have always had good writing (if you knew where to look). Now, more creators are using the medium to tell stories that only games can.
10 min read
A crashed pilot or astronaut walking through a forest. Humanity and nature, technology and earth interact.

Has Science Fiction Ever Been Modern?

How modern is sci-fi, anway? Its Golden Age featured narratives of ascent and decline, the binary of Foundation or A Canticle for Leibowitz. But modernity is more complicated than either progress or regress.
15 min read
Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun and the Dark Souls 3 knight

The Book of the New Sun Is the Dark Souls of Books

Gene Wolfe and Dark Souls are both difficult and engrossing. In demanding rereading and replaying, they resist the passivity of consumer culture.
17 min read