Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

What is the relationship of artificial intelligence to religion? What about humanity? Will the future be a utopia or dystopia? (Cast my vote for the latter).
Forest and treetops - the first metaphor in Joy Marie Clarkson's You Are a Tree

You Are (Not) a Machine

Reflections on the machine metaphor inspired by Joy Marie Clarkson's book You Are a Tree.
10 min read
An AI generated image of hands, poorly drawn and badly proportioned

We Weren't Prepared for How Stupid the AI Struggle Would Be

Science fiction depicted the rise of AI as thrilling, existentially complex, and philosophically rich. The real world crisis is a lot dumber.
12 min read

ChatGPT Round-Up: AI in the Classroom

It's been six months since my viral tweet about ChatGPT, and the articles I wrote on it are now published. Time to revisit?
10 min read
ChatGPT landing page and website login

ChatGPT and the University's Existential Crisis

To grapple with ChatGPT in the classroom is also to grapple with the purpose of education: what are its means and what are its ends?
10 min read